Writers Room New Character Development Opportunity: All You Need To Know

Jenkins the Valet
4 min readJul 7, 2023

I keep looking over my shoulder. To be honest, I’m terrified. If a door hinge or a floorboard creaks in the night, I shoot up out of bed in a cold sweat. It seems that these days the Mutant is everywhere. If he’s not stalking me in real life, he’s somehow managed to move into 4,000 square feet, rent free, in my head.

Lately, I’ve turned to my safe space as a way to find some peace during such a tough time. I’ve turned to the page. I’ve begun writing again. Telling this story.

But as my pen scratches against the page and my paws clang against the keyboard, I’ve realized something crucial. All of you know this story much better than I do. You’ve helped me escape the Mutant more times than once, and you’ve signed up to help me go find Goodboy.

In some other cases, you’ve pledged your support to my arch nemesis. Well I won’t let that betrayal get in the way of a good story…

And so for that reason, I’d like your help. Whether you’re with me or against me, I need you. I need you to help me tell this story. Help me share where we’ve already been, and help me reach the end of this dream or nightmare.

Yes, a dream or a nightmare… Which will it be? We’ll find out together.

– Jenkins

Where do we come from?

In our Writers Room Revamp article, we discussed how Writers Room holders can leverage their individual IP rights across various media works while governing a treasury that includes popular web3 IP characters, such as Jenkins the Valet.

Writers Room serves as an interoperable contentverse, where holder-owned IPs from different worlds can merge to create new forms of content. In this space, the lines between IPs blur, allowing for crossover stories and content to unfold. Imagine a mashup episode featuring your favorite characters from different worlds, seamlessly blending the IPs you own across your beloved projects.

The time has come to put this concept into action.

What are we going to do?

Jenkins’ upcoming story is an episodic story that will be published digitally, free for everyone to read.

Writers Room members will have the opportunity to contribute their characters to the story using a Writers Room NFT. We’ll make best efforts to include every contributed character. Priority will go to higher Writer Room NFT tiers: so if you have a Yacht and you contribute your character, then you’re guaranteed to be featured first and more often than a Stand, and so on.

Another fun twist is that holders will have the option to contribute their character and pledge their support to either Jenkins or the Mutant. The choice is yours regarding which side your character aligns with.

Moreover, all Writers Room members will have the chance to contribute and influence the story. This collaborative effort will begin with world-building questions but won’t stop there.

After each episode, Writers Room members can expect a series of polls on Writers Room Avenue. These polls will have an impact on how the subsequent episode unfolds.

While we are not ready to reveal all the details just yet, we can tell you that this story will be more visually oriented rather than purely text-based.

Licensing Opportunity

Jenkins’ new story provides another opportunity for Writers Room members to contribute their IPs. Our main objective with this collaboration is to elevate our collective IPs together with all of you. We want to tell stories and create content collaboratively.

The primary goal of this story is to push the creative boundaries of our collective and to create something that ultimately adds value to the Writers Room through recognition and wider reach. We do not have any immediate goals with respect to revenue generation for this project, but we do believe that doors can be opened by going back to our roots to co-create fun and entertaining content.

How will licensing work?

Next week, two prompts will go live on Writers Room Avenue: one by Jenkins the Valet and one by Jenkins the Mutant.

You’ll be able to reply to the prompts with a picture of an NFT you own and have commercial rights over. By doing so, you’ll agree to the licensing agreement that you’ll be able to read on Avenue (and can also be found here). We will also request some additional information, such as your character’s name, your favorite trait, and a fun fact. Rest assured, the process is extremely simple and requires minimal effort. You should be able to complete it within a few minutes, if not less.

Each Writers Room NFT can contribute a maximum of one character.

Please keep in mind that you can only pledge your character to either Jenkins or the Mutant. Choose wisely!


Unlike some traditional IPs that take a long time to develop, this story will be published digitally in episodes. We anticipate gathering all the necessary information throughout July, allowing us to release the first episode in August.

Afterward, you can expect a new episode bi-monthly.

Licensing will reopen for a limited time before each new episode, enabling new members entering the Writers Room (by purchasing an NFT) to participate in this licensing opportunity as well.


With all that said, we’re excited to open licensing next week. Licensing will be open for roughly ~2 weeks, so make sure to keep an eye out for our Discord notifications, Twitter/Threads messages as well as on our space on Avenue.

Writers Room, let’s create.



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