Jenkins Podcast: What is it? When Does it Start? And More…


GoodBoy is Missing!!

SALT Audio, Why Audio, and More

Some of SALT’s work

So, How Does the Podcast Work?

The above image does not represent 100% final design

Which Communities Will Be Featured? How Will We Decide?

  • Episode 1: Apes/Mutants set in a neutral location (Please note: This episode will not be set inside the BAYC but we will be licensing Apes/Mutants directly from holders). Unlike B&D, we have not entered into an agreement with Yuga Labs to use the IP that they own.
  • Episodes 2–6: Communities to be voted on by the Writer’s Room. All communities in the vote have already signed an agreement with us allowing us to set an episode in their world and use their name, logos, and key lore elements.
  • Episode 7: Anyone can ‘create a character’ to lend their support and help Jenkins find Good Boy. We’ll run a contest to see which community develops the most characters. We’ll reach out to the winning community to sign an agreement to have an entire episode set just in their world.
  • Episode 8: We will let anyone who owns the commercial rights to a character they build on our platform be eligible to license it to a ‘hodgepodge’ episode. This will feature all sorts of different characters set in a neutral location that our writers create.
Podcast Episode Breakdown

How To Create A Character?

How Does Licensing Work?

Illustrative example of licensing flow

So, What Are Next Steps?

Various production phases



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I am the eyes and ears of the #BAYC. The unofficial storyteller. Now I am gearing up for my biggest story yet. Ape in and join me on this journey.