I’ve got an unlicensed Writer’s Room NFT — now what? Burning, Staking, Roadmap 2.0

Writer’s Room NFTs (Valet Ticket, Yacht Key, Valet Stand, WAGMI Yacht)

Licensing for Book 1 is closing soon, but there’s more to come

It’s December 30th, which means that the licensing window for Writer’s Room Book 1 closes in 4 days (January 3rd at 11:59pm EST). As of this writing, we’ve had more than 2,350 licenses signed for Book 1, representing an unprecedented instance of mass IP licensing in the NFT space.

Still there are many unlicensed Writer’s Room NFTs, and since we live in a space that moves so quickly, we know that some people are feeling pressure to sell those unlicensed NFTs. We would never fault anyone for selling an NFT, but we do want to provide a deeper look into the benefits of holding Writer’s Room NFTs (licensed OR unlicensed) to enjoy the Roadmap 2.0 ride.

Reasons to hold an unlicensed Writer’s Room NFT

We’re never making more

You’ve heard us say it before, but we want to reiterate it. We are never making more genesis Writer’s Room NFTs and our number one principle is to continue to accrue value back to these NFTs. Holding an original Writer’s Room NFT is a symbol that you believed in a crowdsourced, decentralized content long before the masses did. We fully intend to be building this business in a decade, and we will always look to pass value back to these genesis NFTs first. Writer’s Room NFTs will have their own unique staking mechanic attached, giving you further exposure to the universe we’re building.

We’re not just a book — we’re a web3 media company

Along those same lines, we are not just one book. We are building a Web3 media company with many, many different pillars of IP and pieces of content. Writer’s Room NFTs are the key to all of that. If you missed out on licensing for Book 1, the good news is we have more content to produce right around the corner — and trust us, it’s coming sooner than you think. Holders of our genesis Writer’s Room tokens will be able to license avatars to every piece of content we make, which means when licensing for our next work starts, you’ll be able to join in. Further, we will be expanding the set of eligible avatars that we include in our work, which means you’ll have a better chance at using your own avatar or finding a partner who wants to join you on this ride. Licenses reset for each work, meaning if you purchased a licensed Writer’s Room NFT on OpenSea, it will be unlicensed for our next endeavor and you’re free to pair it. You can do this again, and again, and again.

You’ll get a free Book 1 NFT — spoiler: it’s more than a book

We will sell our first book as an NFT before we take it to traditional publishers. We have every intention to make this book Neil Strauss’s 11th New York Times Bestseller, and the NFT version of the book will be the first one that comes to market. This book represents a watershed moment in Web3 with more than 2,350 avatars licensed to it, written by an author who has had tons of mainstream success, and developed by more than 2,800 members in the Writer’s Room. In short, we believe that this book NFT will be a grail NFT for years to come. Writer’s Room holders will be able to claim a free book NFT for every single Writer’s Room NFT that they hold.

But wait… there’s more!

If you know us, you know we love character building, narrative, lore and game theory. These book NFTs will be more than just books.

To burn or to stake?

We will fully launch our Roadmap 2.0 with plenty of time for you to wrap your heads around what’s coming for the Writer’s Room, but there are a few things that we’ve teased already.

You’ll be able to choose whether to burn your Book NFT or stake it, and there will be amazing outcomes for those who pick either.

We won’t divulge exactly how it will go down in this post, but we will share all of the things that we’ve already teased to the community:

  • We’re branching out to new media. We are represented by CAA through their books department, but we’re tied into podcasts, TV/Film, animation, and more. We plan to create amazing Web3 content across all media.
  • Our own Avatars/PFPs are coming and there will be epic game theory, the same level of lore you’ve come to know us for, and the same member-friendly licensing. You’ve seen us post glimpses of a new world… Who lives there? Why? What are their conflicts? We’ll all find out soon enough.
  • Wen DAO? We have retained one of the top blockchain lawyers in the world to help us create truly decentralized governance over the Web3 media company we are building. We’ve been saying for a while that our goal is for Writer’s Room content to be entirely community-owned, and this is a major step in getting us there. We couldn’t be more excited to hand the keys over to the community. Super spoiler: it will pay to have genesis Writer’s Room tokens.

We’re committed to investing in our community

In the next few weeks, holders of our Writer’s Room NFTs will be able to claim a free piece of art by Jake the Degen. We are obsessed with Jake’s work, and we know that many of our holders have had him on their “wish list” for a long time. Above anything else, we are members of the Web3 and NFT community. We live and breathe it every day, and we know the types of projects we wish we all could join. We are committed to continue investing in our community by providing access to free-to-claim NFTs by elite artists as well as other perks. It doesn’t matter if your Writer’s Room NFT is licensed or not. If you hold one at all, then we’ve got you.

Other examples of this are our merch drop with a free accompanying We Are Book People NFT, as well as our “Set In Stone” giveaway.

What comes next?

We’ve seen NFTs create unimaginable wealth over the last year. It makes us stop and smile every time we see someone post that they’ve paid off their student loans or bought their family a home by selling parts of their collections. We are honored when our Writer’s Room NFTs are part of meaningful sales for collectors, and we will cheer for everyone who sells going forward.

If you choose to hold a Writer’s Room NFT over the next few months, you can expect to see the things we listed above and more. We won’t rush it, and we’ll bring each piece to market deliberately, ensuring quality, compliance, and more.

2021 was an incredible year. We’re dead set on topping it in 2022 and we hope you continue on this ride with us.



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