Azurbala Has Found Its Creative Director: Introducing Ty Carter

  • Stand up a Community Council: We announced 8 incredible community members who we are already collaborating with a ton. They will be the voice of the community without having 3,000 cooks in the kitchen.
  • Stand up an incredible Artist Council: We announced our Artist Council comprised of 4 of the top artists in the space, all with varying styles. Simply put, these artists know what successful art looks like in the NFT space and beyond. They’ll provide a vibe check the entire way through.
  • Bring on a world-class Creative Director and team of PFP Artists: Well, folks, that’s why we’re here today. Read on for more.

Introducing Ty Carter: Azurbala Creative Director

Without an amazing Creative Director involved, none of the other pieces of our plan can function effectively. It’s a Creative Director’s job to ensure that our PFPs tell a cohesive story, look like they belong in the world, pioneer a new and welcoming art style, set the direction for the whole collection, and then oversee the work of the PFP artists.

Some of Ty’s past work
  • They need to be guided by community feedback that we’ve already collected (2D, Jungle Punk) and further community interaction in the future. In fact, Ty is eager to survey the community about their preference in generative PFPs in the early phase of his creative process.
  • We need to pioneer a unique style. Just because we’re reverting back to 2D doesn’t mean we want to make PFPs that look like everything else we’ve seen. They must be fresh and push the space forward, but also abide by best practices.
  • They need to be amazing PFPs. Some projects are beautiful but simply do not work as PFPs. If we’re looking for our community to adapt Azurians as their identity, it needs to look great inside the Twitter UI and the appropriate sizing/zoom needs to be considered.

The Process

In the last 6 weeks, we’ve made a lot of progress against our initial plan. We’ve introduced you to our Community Council and Artist Council. We’ve collected rounds of feedback from hundreds of you. In short, the foundation has been laid. We have incredible community members and some of the world’s top character artists working on this project.

  • We’ll further refine the reference boards
  • We’ll define the citizens of Azurbala and their occupations visually
  • We’ll look to come out with rough compilations, sketches, colors, and ideas
  • We’ll develop the final style approach and process
  • We’ll build the “toolkit” and style guide that will guide what comes to life in Phase 2.
  • Artists and Devs will collaborate on best process for generation
  • Test out trait combos in a controlled setting to ensure cohesion
  • Lock in final number of traits and attributes
  • Complete all individual assets
  • Finish all 1/1’s
  • Marketing assets/teasers/trailers
  • Quality control reviews
  • Paintover fixes

Our Promises to the Community

As we embark on this journey, we have a few promises we’d like to make you:

  • We will lean on our Councils. The Community Council has the best interests of the community at heart and the Artist Council are each at the top of their field. We’ll include them in the process, hear their feedback, and work together. They are not involved for optics. This will be a collaborative effort.
  • We will not keep the community in the dark. Last time we wanted to surprise and “wow” the community with our PFP reveal. We had positive intentions with that idea, but we know it ended up having a negative impact. We’re going to continue to keep the entire community clued in. We’ll continue to lean into what defines Tally Labs and our broader community which is to involve everyone in crafting creative direction and providing feedback at key touchpoints. We’ll make sure everyone knows what phase we are currently on and has an idea of how Azurians are coming together. We’ll get more comfortable building in public and showing things that aren’t finished products to gather feedback.



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