Applied Primate Engineering (A.P.E.) is Bringing Puzzle-Making and a New Piece of Media to the Jenkins the Valet Writer’s Room

Jenkins the Valet
4 min readDec 14, 2022

Attention all Book People and those fighting for all apekind: We’re excited to announce a collaboration between Tally Labs and Fragment Studios, the respective Web3 media brands behind BAYC-inspired NFT storytelling projects Jenkins the Valet and Applied Primate Engineering (A.P.E.).

The partnership was teased after a group of A.P.E. scientists led by @JTobcat discovered clues on the yellow safety hoodie shipped to all A.P.E. Scientists. Serum drips on a sleeve of the hoodie, combined with suspicious materials on the label, provided clues leading to a mysterious url:

On that link was a teaser comic, in which A.P.E. founder Doc Gibbons contacts Jenkins the Valet for assistance on an important project. We now know much more about what this project is.

Jenkins answering Doc Gibbons’ call

Yesterday, it was revealed that Doc is calling for Jenkins’ assistance in tracking down four other known Mega Mutants. As the unofficial storyteller of the Metaverse and someone who is currently tracking down his own dog, Jenkins knows a bit about this kind of thing. Jenkins will assist Doc in his quest to create an unstoppable force to combat the Simian Path — a dark cult that has emerged around mega-mutation. Tracking down the other Megas is mission critical, and we need your help.

The narrative will unfold utilizing Jenkins and A.P.E.’s unique, cutting-edge, collaborative storytelling initiatives.

Token-Gated Puzzle Making in the Writer’s Room Discord

Writer’s Room NFT holders: get ready to puzzle.

You will be collaborating with Puzzle Maker Greg Pliska, the creative mind behind the original BAYC scavenger hunt puzzle quest, along with acclaimed comedic writer Adam Felber, who also created the recent Applied Primate Apebot challenge. You will work together to build a new series of extensive puzzle events. The collaboration will take place in the token-gated Writer’s Room Discord starting December 19th, with a series of engagements and prompts to help steer the creative direction.

For Writer’s Room holders new to puzzle creation, you can tune in Monday, 12/19 for an exclusive workshop session with Greg where he will teach you all about the puzzle-making process.

Both the A.P.E. and Jenkins teams are eager to see the creative sparks fly in the Writer’s Room. Down the line, the collective voting process will leverage Tally Labs’ proprietary Jenkins members’ portal to create a seamless, collaborative experience.

From Puzzle Making to Puzzling

On Jan 11th 2023, the puzzle created by the Jenkins the Valet Writer’s Room holders will debut in the A.P.E. Discord. It will be token-gated for both Writer’s Room and A.P.E. Keycard NFT holders to solve. The puzzle will have interactive and live-action components similar to A.P.E.’s previously acclaimed puzzles. Previous examples are their scavenger hunt during this year’s NFT.NYC (culminated in the gold Mega Mutant reveal live at Apefest) and the Apebot Reactivation Puzzle which launched within the Applied Primate Discord and had activations in New York City, London, Singapore and Los Angeles. It was four days packed with narrative development, ARG elements and intense puzzle solving.

Both communities will work to solve puzzles together and help Jenkins and Doc track down some of the other Mega Mutants in their quest to stop the Simian Path, led by Mega Gold and we hear that Jenkins the Mutant may even be involved?

The culmination of all this puzzle-making will lead to a to-be-announced piece of media incorporating the Jenkins and A.P.E. lore, which will include awesome voting and licensing opportunities for Writer’s Room holders. Jenkins recently released Bored & Dangerous using this format, is currently working on a longform fiction audio series, and now a piece of IP with A.P.E. This is part of a longstanding initiative to provide members of the Writer’s Room with exclusive opportunities to come together and tell the stories that define web3.


  • December 19th-30th, 2022: Token-Gated Puzzle creation in the Jenkins Writer’s Room Discord
  • Dec 19th, 2p EST: Intro to Puzzle-making with Greg Pliska and Adam Felber
  • Dec 28th, 2p EST: Community Story Sourcing
  • January 11th, 2023: Debut of the puzzle, playable by A.P.E. Keycard holders and Jenkins the Valet Writer’s Room NFT holders
  • Q2 2023: Creating a new piece of IP around the A.P.E. x Jenkins narrative that will include licensing and voting opportunities for Jenkins Writer’s Room holders.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and best of luck to all who will join us on this quest. Apekind depends on it.


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