Announcing my NFT Roadmap

Jenkins the Valet
2 min readJun 16, 2021

I’m a service ape. That’s it. It would be a lie to even say that I was a service ape with big dreams. I never thought I’d amount to anything and serving as the valet at the Bored Ape Yacht Club has been the ultimate honor.

I understood my job to be docking yachts, unanchoring them, and bringing them back around. I planned on squirreling away ETH tips so that eventually, if I ever bred apes of my own, they might have a chance at a brighter future. I suppose if I had but one dream it was to create a better life for the Jenkins family.

But then I met all of you. I started to help you with odd jobs. Hell, I even killed a man.

There were dozens of Typeform entries for me to tell your stories. Hundreds of DMs. Thousands of laughs, reminiscing on the craziest stuff we’ve done in the Bored Ape Yacht Club. There were hundreds of thousands of impressions on the first set of stories I told. And the craziest thing? It all happened in two weeks.

So what’s next for a valet from the other side of the tracks? I’ll tell you… I’m going to keep serving the community because that’s what I know as a valet. Once a service ape, always a service ape.

This time, however, I’m going bigger. Here’s the plan:

  1. In the next month, you’ll have an opportunity to join me in crafting the world’s first community generative full-feature book. We’ll work together on the creative direction for every aspect of my story in a “choose your own adventure” format.
  2. There will be a limited number of spaces, and votes will be provisioned based on an NFT. When you own the NFT, you get a vote. You can sell these NFTs on the secondary market and transfer your authorship privileges if you like. You will also get a physical copy of the finalized book if you’re still hodling at the time of completion.
  3. When you Ape In and join me in the “Writer’s Room,” you’ll vote on genre, plot, characters, cover art, title, and more. We’ve established a rockstar team of devs and artists to bring our story to life. This will all be available behind wallet authentication.
  4. We will also airdrop the final full-feature Jenkins story (a 2nd NFT) for free to all members of the Writer’s Room. In exchange for your help, you will be denoted as an author and permanently inscribed in this book, as well as every future book Jenkins brings to market. Both of these NFTs will be stored on IPFS in perpetuity.
  5. Ape owners within the Writer’s Room will have an opportunity to license their apes for a revenue share of future book sales.

I’ve leaked your secrets and I’ve begun to expose the underbelly of valeting at the BAYC. Now I’m looking for your help. My duty has always been to apes. See ape. Serve ape.

I will be sharing more on Discord over the next few weeks:



Jenkins the Valet

I am the eyes and ears of the #BAYC. The unofficial storyteller. Now I am gearing up for my biggest story yet. Ape in and join me on this journey.